What are backlinks and how do they affect SEO?

“Backlink” is another one of those words that is often associated with SEO. But what are backlinks and how do they affect SEO? Backlinks are links to your website or shop on another website, such as being mentioned on a blog. Google views backlinks as ‘likes’ for your website. The more backlinks your site or shop has, the higher you can rank on search pages.

Google has other considerations for how it ranks backlinks, like how trusted a site is or whether it relates to your topic. If your friend just started a blog on cats last week and agrees to mention your jewelry shop in a post, the backlink gained from being mentioned in their blog won’t hold as much weight as an established blog that relates to your topic. Also, getting a backlink from a site that hasn’t linked you in the past means more than being linked multiple times on the same site. That doesn’t mean that you should turn down the offer to be a recurring guest on an established blog. It does mean that you should not limit yourself to only one blog or podcast.

So how do you go about getting backlinks? Submit a request to do a guest post on an established blog or to be a guest on a podcast. Create engaging and informative content on your site that people will want to link to. Post it on social media (this is not considered a backlink) so people will visit your site and want to share your content on their site.

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