Why Having a Logo Isn’t Enough

Repeat after me: Your logo is not your brand. Your logo is not your brand.

Internet rando say what?

Your logo is part of your brand, not the entirety of it. A brand is the identity of a business. It is the name, look, message, and beliefs of the business. Having a logo isn’t enough.

Think about people you know. Everyone is different, right? Your vegetarian friend Ben who wears plaid and loves pop culture references is different from your friend James who wears suits, loves business podcasts, and enjoys a good steak dinner. They each have a unique identity.

So what makes up your brand?

Your name – This is probably the most straightforward. The name of your business will be a unique part of your brand. No one else will share your business name.

Your look – This includes the colors, fonts, and images you use. Do you use mostly light, earthy colors? Are your images of people or your product (or both)? Do you use images of yourself? Do you use a traditional font or a modern one? 

Your message – This is more than just describing your products or services. Do you use formal or informal language on your website, social media posts, and marketing materials? Are you descriptive or more to the point? Do you share personal anecdotes?

Your beliefs – This doesn’t mean personal beliefs like religion or political views (but those could be an influence.) Do you use only cruelty-free materials or those made sustainably? Do you use recycled packaging? Do you promote or donate to any charity’s or causes? Do you promote health or emotional well-being? 

All of these categories added together (plus things like who your target market is and how well known you are) become your brand. A brand is also something you don’t start with, it is something you grow into. Sure, you’ll have your name and a message that you begin with, but your message evolve as your business does. You’ll learn what your customers are asking for and you’ll respond to it.

There are endless articles and tutorials out there about branding and why having a logo isn’t enough. Here are a couple I like and found helpful:

What is a Brand? by Allan Dib

What is a Brand, Anyway? by Jerry McLaughlin

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