Why it makes sense to have a blog (and it makes a lot of sense!)

We’ve all read a blog post at some point in our internet-filled lives. They’ve become a fixture in our obsession with gathering and sharing information. They can be full of great information or full of rambling thoughts. Blogs are also a great tool (perhaps the best tool) for marketing your business. Check out these reasons why it makes sense to have a blog (and it makes a lot of sense!)

They give you a space to share your knowledge.

If you’re writing posts that answer the questions your prospective client or customer is asking, you’re showing them that you’re knowledgable about the topic. The more free (good) information you provide, the more opportunities you have to show someone that they can trust you. This leads us to the next reason…

The “know, like, and trust” process begins with your blog.

Every time someone buys something from you or becomes your client, the same process takes place. They get to know you, they get to like you, they get to trust you. Advertising your brand or product is the “know” phase. You are trying to get your name out there so when someone needs what you offer, they think of you. Once your audience knows you, they need to like you. If they don’t like what you have to offer or how you present it, they won’t go any further. Once they like you, they need to trust you. Blogs are great for all three phases, but they’re especially useful for the “trust” phase since you can share in-depth knowledge on your subject.

Blogs keep your audience engaged.

It takes time for the “know, like, and trust” process to take place. If you have engaging content that is keeping your audience on your site, you’re creating time for that process to happen. Why would someone return to your site to re-read the same information on the same one page? They won’t.

Blogs are great for SEO.

One of the biggest boosters to your SEO is a blog. A blog provides new content for Google to crawl and rate. The more content you have for Google to see, the better your chances are of ranking higher. Blogs are also fantastic generators for backlinks. (Check out this blog post for more information on backlinks.)

Blogs are social media heroes.

One of the best resources for creating social media posts is by writing good content, posting it in your blog, and then breaking it into social media sized pieces. One blog post can be used to generate multiple social media posts. This is the basis of many social media planners. You’ve spent time writing great content, why not put it to work?

Give your audience a look behind the scenes in your blog.

Remember when DVDs came with behind the scenes documentaries, blooper reels, and making-of shorts? Count me in! I loved seeing how the costumes were made, filming locations, and silly pranks on set. Nowadays I love seeing build processes and additional images of the products I buy. Want to show me in-progress shots of your jewelry making? I’ll check it out. Detail shots of the mug I want to buy? Please! I want to see it all.

If you need more convincing, check out this blog post by 99Firms. Blogs are great spaces to connect with your audience and promote your business, no matter what business you’re in.

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