Why Your Pricing Should be the Same on Etsy and on Your Website

Since the rollout of the “free shipping” push from Etsy, many sellers have been forced to raise their prices to compensate for shipping costs. But what happens to the items in your online store? Do you raise prices there too or keep them lower since you don’t have to offer free shipping? I’ve seen two solutions to this problem.

Solution 1

Keep prices lower on your website as an incentive to buy from you on there instead of Etsy.
Why this is good: You get to offer your customers better pricing. This can be challenging because you have to keep up with two prices for the same item. It may not be difficult for small shops, but for shops with hundreds of items, this could become time-consuming and confusing.

Solution 2 (the better solution!)

Keep prices consistent in both places and offer coupons or discounts on your website.
Why this is better: You still get to offer your customers better pricing BUT you now have a chance to capture their email. Offering a coupon or discount through email sign-up is one way to capture emails for email marketing. This is one of the most effective marketing avenues and promotes repeat customers. Once they’re on your list, you can send them new product announcements, alert them when you have a sale, and keep you in their mind for future purchases.

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